Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Frozen Lake

Today I went for a walk with my mom around my dad's office. There's a huge lake there. When I went there, it was frozen solid. I asked my mom if I could hit the ice that froze the lake. She said "Yes, you can." so I found a stick and I hit the lake hard. The stick broke and I threw it on the frozen lake and the stick skidded on the ice. I took a harder stick and that also broke! Then I took this stick that almost had the thickness of a log. I banged the lake with the log stick and it BROKE!! Then we went to the other side of the lake and I found a rock (regular size) and threw it on the lake, and it went sliding off across the ice. It was pretty cool. Then we saw a bunch of ducks and geese. I found one big rock and threw it in the lake. It made a KRRCK noise. Then it made a star shaped hole and the rock went across the lake (above the ice). I found a smaller rock and threw it in the lake. It made a circle but didn't make a hole. I saw some of the geese walking on the ice. "Cool," I said, pointing to the geese. My mom's hands and my hands were freezing when we were walking. The ice on the lake was like a marble floor because it was so hard. THE END

Thursday, August 28, 2008

India Trip 2008

This summer I went to India. It was so boring. Our Mom wasted 1 month of our vacation in Pondicherry. Where my grandpa will allways say "Ha Ha, Ha Ha, Ramany, Ramany Tutudoing,
Hari, Murari" He also calls us a "kamalal". We also have our grandma, she is such a big overstuffer. She offers us 13 kinds of Indian food everytime we meet her somewhere. It is very annoying. there is also no company there. I was happy when we went to Chennai. Here are the names of my cousins " Ramya(in college), Dinesh, Tejus, Yashwant, Rohan, and Bhavana". A lot huh, thats because my dad has 4 brothers!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Bee Movie

This movie is about a bee named Barry who goes outside his hive a lot. These are some funny parts "I was already a blood suck'n parasite but all I needed was a briefcase!" said a mosquito."Hey I know, I sting you and you squish me." said Barry.
"But then you would die twice" said a lady named Vannessa. "You guys are gon'na work us to death!"said Barry."We'll try!"said a bee.

Friday, July 20, 2007

I was free at last

If I was free from a butterfly cage I would pollinate flowers and sip nectar from flowers. Then I would fly around in a garden but not go near frogs,toads,spiders,and lizards like chameleons. I would be a skipper to fly fast. I would get two friends. We'd have a little gang. We'd always fly away from the giants(humans)who tried to catch us or step on us.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fish Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a South American Bumblebee catfish called Bumble. He lived in a house with his friend Loach. One day, Loach said, "hey Bumble, let's move". Bumble said, "first we should take all our supplies." They took their supplies and went into a river. The river went into a lake. When they arrived at the lake, a fish named Salmon became their friend. The three friends made a club house. One day they played tag. They started looking around and they found a goldfish named Mr.Gold. They asked Mr.Gold if he wants to join their club. Mr. Gold nodded yes. They played tag together. First Loach was it. He tagged Mr.Gold. Mr.Gold tagged Salmon. Salmon went after Bumble but Bumble was too fast. So Salmon caught Mr.Gold. Bumble never got tagged and he was the winner.

Then they started hopping in and out of the water. They saw a heron standing in the water. They started tickling his leg. The heron stepped back but not into the club house. The friends started making tunnels. They went thru the tunnels and called it their park. They made a sleeping area for all four of them. "Goodnight", all of them said to each other.

The end.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Deep in Alaskan forest, wolverine and his meat-eater team were hunting deer.
"We hunted thirty seven deer today", Said Bear.
"Let's go fishing", said Wolf.
"Ok", said Leopard.

They went to their forest lake. They fished and fished and got their catch. Wolverine got a bass, Leopard got a catfish, Wolf got a bass, Bald Eagle got a trout and Bear got a catfish. The team went to their den and ate all the deer and fish. After the feast, they didsome climbing. Since Bald eagle had a nest, he moved to the den. They went out of the forest and took the path to the savannah. They went to Leo's home and asked Leo what could they hunt.
"Zebras", said Leo.
"Thanks", they said.

So they hunted ten zebras. They ate their catch. They went back to the waterhole for water to drink. They went back to the forest and into their den.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

The fishing derby 2006

When we went to the fishing derby, we caught 10", 9", 9.5" and 7" sunfish.  When we went to the 
shade, I caught two 11" bass and one sunfish. I named the sunfish Rocket. Hari caught five bass 
and two sunfish. Hari named the bass Snakey. We won the fishing derby! 

We got two fishing rods and a tackle box as prizes. 

Cool Pets

Once there was a family that didn't have any pets. They were bored.
"Let's go get some pets", Murari said.
"What kind?", asked Daddy.
"Cool and soft pets", said Murari.

So they went to the pet store. "Daddy, Daddy, that one!", said Murari.
"A ferret?", said Daddy.
"Yeah, yeah and some other pets too".
"Okay. We'll do that", said Daddy.
"I want to feel it", said Hari.
"They look cute like Murari", said Mommy.

Then they saw hamsters.
"Daddy, Daddy, that one too", said Murari.
Then they went for the birds.

"Lets buy some parrots", said Hari.
"Let's get a puppy", said Mommy.
"Let's get a cat", said Daddy.

Then they went back home. They put the pets in the guest bedroom. They fed the pets. The pets kept on squeaking the whole morning. In the afternoon, Ashwin and Karthik came to play. Then they went upstairs and heard some squeaking in the guest bedroom. They opened the door and they said, "Wow. Those are cool pets."

They opened the ferret cage. Then they stroked the ferret. They started petting the cat and the puppy. They played with the pets.